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My name is mad, I am leaving my full name a mystery. I would like to share my first experience . I was working in my dads shop and wanted to go but I was told to stay as we he was expecting a delivery. It had gone past closing time and the delivery did not come. I closed the shutters and was about the lock up when the delivery man came. I opened the door to let him in. I asked why he was late he replied traffic. He was from Birmingham as had a strong brummy accent. 

He put the boxes in the right place. He came with the last box and I said can you put the shutter down . He came in and he was bending down and I could see his white diesel boxer shorts I could not stop staring at the bum. He suddenly turned around and caught me looking . He said with a smile "do you like what u see ?"  I just turned my head and said the boxes were ok. After that I had my back towards him as I was counting the money that I had to give him he came up behind me and started to touch my cock which was hard as a rock and he said "you want me now ?" . 

He opened my belt and I could not stop him he turned me around and started to kiss me. I started to touch his cock which was also hard as a rock and pulled his pants down. He put my legs over his shoulders and put his hand in the water that was next to him and put it between my legs. It was cold he said is it your first time I replied yes he then said I will be gentle he put his cock in me it was hard and I felt pain but it was good he pushed it in and then out. He kept pushing which was painful but was good we were at it for about half hour and it was good.

After he went to the toilet as he came back I was putting my shorts on and he came from behind and took my shorts down and put his wet cock in me again but this time he was not gentle he was rough but it felt good. His cock was pounding my ass it was going in and out he was saying you will never forget your first time. I slapped this bum he said I love it slap it more I grabbed it and put my finger inside him .He groaned and said thatís what I mean. He said that this is the way he likes it rough he was breathing heavily and said do you love it he came in my ass and said thatís what you call real sex.

This was my first experience and I can still remember it as it was today.



I am 25 Indian male.I am sure I am 100% gay....I don't know how I became a gay
I did sex with only the old men. They used me for sex from my teenage years, When I see a good looking older man my cock gets hard. I have many over 50 aged friends now ,sex with old gays are remarkable!!fantastic!!
The nature of my sexual approach only with the old men,they must have good looking, smart, non smokers they must have above 50 years old ,60-65 are very good, clean shaved men are preferable I like them too much they have a lovely heart to love young gays....
I am starting my sexual activities when I am got 14 year old..but untill this time I did sex with only old people who have above 50 age..  I like them too much it's a diferent one really fantastic if we give them what they needed they will never avoid you, It's an another kind of love sex really enjoyable


hey there, I'm tom, a gay white man wm, enjoy most things in life, do movies, mall walking and at one time have a really nice 6 years with my asian mate as he had been kicked out of the home at the age of 19yrs and I took him under my wing as it were and set him through the first year in college.      His father did not accept him as his son after he found out he was a gay male and I would think because of both culture and tradition made him turn on the son.    We were the best thing that had ever happened to each other and we as mentioned shared all for 6 years until lost him to a drunken driver in a car crash.     Have been alone without an asian mate for so long and would really like to be able to find one. 
hope you are well, and take care,

Hi I am 22 year old Pakistani male from Rawalpindi. Young, handsome and
smart guys always attract me.
I started having sex at the age of 16 with my friend till 20.Now he has 
shifted to America with his family. In those years we enjoyed lot but have 
sex only 4 or 5 times. For the last 2 years I did not have sex with any guy 
because itís hard to find guys interested in bisexuality but I still want to. 
Now I tell you about my first sex experience with my friend.we were going through the porn and he wished for bisex I agreed.we took clothes off he start sucking me. I told him to fuck me.when he pushed his 5 inches  into me it was very painful but I managed, after about 40 seconds he just came inside me. Now its his turn first he sucked my erection really  well then I pushed it slowly inside him. I must say it was fantastic. He was so tight and warm I started to pump really fast. After about 30 seconds I just cummed inside him, I mean it felt so good.

An older Asian guy remembers the 'good old days !'

I'm a gay asian man now in his late forties. In the late Seventies I lived in the Midlands. At that time I knew of about ten other gay asian men. There was only one small pub in the city and one small club. We were a bit afraid to use them although we did occasionally, risking been seen but assuming if we saw anyone we knew inside, they would be just as scared as we were at being spotted.

Mostly we went to nearby cities where no one knew us. we would spend an hour or so getting ready. Perhaps using a little eye liner, hair gel and lots of aftershave !

We dressed to kill. After all we were after men and we knew we were young, pretty and being asian a little exotic ! We always tried to make an entrance into a club so we would be noticed. We loved clubs which had a staircase down as you could really draw attention to yourself. It made you feel like a movie star.

Our most dramatic night out was when six of us dressed in drag (indian of course) and drove all the way to a club in Coventry in a beat up old Datsun. We did get some funny looks in the streets when we pulled up at traffic lights but when we entered the club, everyone went wild. 

That night I pulled more guys than ever and came home not only well and truly exhausted from sex but with enough phone numbers to last me for months ahead. Strange as I've always considered myself masculine and prefer being on top, but dragging up changed my mentality for a few hours. Equally strange is that the guys I went with that night mostly wanted me on top despite the drag but I did learn that there are alternatives.

We never repeated the drag outing but we did go to clubs all over the north and Midland in the late seventies. Mostly I went with two friends and we tried to stay together when we scored, sharing one or two white guys. If we did split up we arranged a rendezvous but sometimes we ended up getting left without transport and having to make our way home on the train in our skimpy sleeveless T shirts.

When two of us went crusing the clubs, we looked for a chance to have a brown bread sandwich with a white guy in between us. We found that very exciting. We didn't have to worry about AIDs and pubs and clubs were quite simply meat markets in a way they aren't quite today.

Many of the asian guys I knew back then married and drifted out of sight, two have died, one at least has a long standing relationship with a guy just as I do. I recently counted up how many guys I had sex with over a three year period in the late seventies and it ended up in three figures. Do I regret it ? Not in a million years. We had a lot of laughs, a lot of fun and a lot of sex while our straight brothers were being passed around for inspection as potential suitors by determined parents.

AIDS did put a stop to our fun for a long time.We all had to stop and think about the risks we were taking and change our behaviour. We went for more settled, regular  relationships, some with girls some with men. Today I see young asian guys being less concerned about AIDs and hopefully enjoying safe sex but too often I hear of a guy taking chances and I want to shake him and tell him not to be stupid. It proves I suppose I have now reached an age of responsibilty !


Two E:Mails on a similar theme, being young, gay and finding decent guys

It's really hard to find genuine guys out there. I actually have been to klub kali about 2 years ago and it is fun. it is really refreshing to see lots of asian gay guys in the one place, for once we are not the minority, so to speak. but the only prob for me is that though i am sri-lankan i don't actually speak my mother tongue (tamil) and neither do i understand any of the other asian community languages so though kali is fun, i can only really boogie to the english sung songs!

i use gaydar, but in all honestly is it rather crappy and is more of a sex meeting place than anything else. so i haven't had much success with it. when my exams are over i hope to be in a better position to go out more on the scene and meet new people which i love to do.

I find that it is sometimes difficult for young asian guys. I am 22 and i just feel that the sort of guy i want is not interested in me. obviously i am sure that when the time is right i will meet a decent person and i try not to be pessimistic, but hey ... it is tough at times. maybe people think certain things of young asians guys which may not necessarily be true.

From London


I have never read anything like what I did in these stories. I never knew that homosexuality was so widespread. It is amazing. But I noticed that most of these stories are only about sex and thatís all! I donít see anything that would help people who havenít come out as yet to come out with a secure feeling.

When I was 10 years old I had a favorite actor. When I was 14 years old I realized that this wasnít just a liking that I had for him, but it was attraction! Then slowly I realized that I was gay and that all these years I had been so. It didnít matter to me much Ďcoz I was new to IT and didnít know what people thought of IT. 

Till the age of 17 years I didnít know the word ďhomosexualityĒ and didnít know how to go about it. I have read a lot about IT and have sexually experienced IT at around 8 times. Once with a friend and the rest with my cousin. But it was just sex. 
Now Iím 19 years old and what I have wanted, desperately, is a relationship with someone to care for and vice versa. I donít want to meet someone just for sex because, honestly, I have done that before and Ďam not ready to repeat a mistake for the 9th time. I donít know where to start in looking for Ďsomeone to call my loverí.

I can't sleep at night as these thoughts and loneliness make me feel like Iím turning into an insomniac.Is there really someone there to call my lover? 




I live in the U.K., but my family live in northeast India, a mix of Lepcha, Tibetan, Bhutanese, Nepali and English (left-overs from the Raj!).  Sex between the local lads is common and training in the basic physical arts of Tantra, especially amongst the Lepchas (who are famous amongst anthrololgists for their extremely relaxed attitudes towards sex), is usual. 

When I first visited one aunt and uncle near Darjeeling, they gave me their middle son (14 years old) as a 'gift' and bed companion.  Wanking together is usual and without the crap dumped on shared sexual activity between men here in the west.  They do not obsess over the labels of gay, straight and bi.  Sexuality is regarded as more encompassing, more powerful spiritually and more positive than over here, and without judgement and absurd social catagories.  I hate the way that my sexuality is pushed into a ghetto, both physically and mentally over here.  I abhor the 'scene' and the twisted, fundamentally self-hating, bigotted mentality it breeds among gay men. 

I return home every year.  How refreshing to spend an afternoon beneath the shadow of the mighty Kanchenjunga with twelve other lads, simply chatting and wanking together, without complication, without shame or guilt!  I took an English friend over recently.  My most beautiful 18 year old cousin took a shine to him and the three of us spent every night together in the same big bed for a fortnight of heady indulgence and experimentation.  Every morning the servants would bring in chai, then my uncle would sit on the end of the bed and chat with us - no judgement, no condemnation, not even a label.  What a relief after the total shit we take as being normal here! 

I have been working on a book for a few years on the form of Tantra, its thinking and its practical practice, as taught to the young men I know and love in the eastern Himalaya.  Despite wide research amongst western publictions, I have found no equivalent.  Anyone interested?  In traditional Tantric households, for example, all men living communally are encouraged to sexually arouse each other, affectionately and with respect of course, to dissipate those tensions and aggressions which arise when men live in close quarters, and to help them better understand their own sexuality and masculinity.  This is so far beyond the the terrified, self-protection and defensiveness of 'straight' men and so much more enlightened than the suck-and-fuck mentality of 'gay' men in the west. 

And what about genuine Tantric massage amongst the Lepcha?  I can find no reference to it in anything, nor on the web - not even in the library of the School of Oriental & African Studies in London University.  The little old chap I visit in the mountains can induce involuntary orgasms simply by pouring a specific powerful plant oil on your dick and pushing pressure points, like the Ayurvedic Marmas - he does not even need to wank it!  The effects last for days and always leave me as horny as hell!! 

You can but admire a culture in which the anus and prostate are valued and used as centres of both psychic and spiritual power, as well as centres of intense pleasure;  their god has a permanant, shining, vibrating erection; in which boys are taught how to enlarge their dicks (the 'phanni-rhanu' exercise, similar to the Muslim 'jelq' - and it works!), then have better orgasms (dry ones too!), to increase their load, then shoot it further; whilst learning to use their sexual energy for intellectual, creative and spiritual purposes, with integrity, respect and NO guilt!  Fabulous! 

Whilst Sanskrit describes wanking as 'grasping the lion', the Neaplis call it 'chattis', meaning 36!  Can anybody explain why?  None of my Nepali-speaking relations can!  Any other native Indian terms you can share?  I am always fascinated by sexual slang. 

Any comments, questions or info to share, please drop me a line on

I wish you all well.  Just drop the crap and live your lives freely and to the full! 



Hi I am 20 year old Pakistani male from Birmingham. This message explains  more about my experiences, and I would like to hear from other people on  their thoughts. This is going to be very long so be warned.

 Well I better start from the beginning when I was very young I like all  people was very horny I so badly wanted to have sex. At that time I didn't  care were it came from (you could even say now), well I mean man or woman sucking my cock is the same and so is me fucking a man. So I had some  light experinces when I was from 13-16 which I wont get into(just say I regret it).

 Anyway I met a pakistani guy on the net. He was my age, had same hobbies, the works, anyway he was so sure he was gay, I at the time just wanted sex, we agreed to meet. However when we did it went bad I mean firstly we didn't know how to make the first move. So I showed him my very large collection of porn(which was all the type of porn you could ever imagine) however most were straight and he just didn't like it, luckly he saw a pic of two asian guys doing 69, he looked at me with a smile. I said 'want to try' he nodded. We went up stairs and well took clothes off and did 69 this was first ever time  I was giving or receiving a blow job.

 He was scrapping his teeth on my cock, so I said to stop, told him to fuck me. He tried but he was so nervous he just couldn't he told me  to try, and I did I must say it was fantastic he was so tight and warm I  started to pump really fast. I was so in the moment I forgot about  him, he was in great pain, after about 30 seconds I just cummed inside him, I mean it felt so good.

 At that specific time I did not feel guilty in fact I wanted to make him as  happy as he just made me. But he had a sad face just went into toilet came  back and said he wanted to go. I felt really bad, like I used him. Firstly we were not prepared for anal sex, secondly I didn;t wear a condom, now I cannot even conceive of having sex without a condom. Well I try to contact him by e-mail but he never answers back.

 At that time I would not say I was gay I just thought it is just practice. I mean I do not get turned on by a man's body compared to a girls, but there's something about cocks, and me being a slut. Confusing I know. But now it is different.

 I have just recently brought 24 pack of condoms, some lubricants specially made for anal sex, I have water and oil based lube. I have doc johnson anal lube. I also have a vibrating butt plug, when I first use it, it was kinda painful, trick is put to fingers up ass first, then slowly put in ass, then leave it there for about 5 minutes.

 Then put the plug on vibrating it feels strange and so exciting, I felt great. Then with no trouble I can take it out and put it back in. I enjoy jumping up and down on the plug fantasising that it being a cock.  Before I could only fantasise about me fucking a guys ass, now all I want is a guy to hold and fuck me

 I enjoy watching gay movies, I think the main reason I didn't like it was that the movies I saw where low budget and they were crap. I saw some proper movies(well only short clips on the net), with some hot looking studs, I mean if you just see the bodies wow, I have one clip (only about 2 minutes long) theres a group of hot hard guys all around, they give this one guy double anal sex, that right two cocks in his hole.

 It looked perfect, I still for some reason cannot watch men kiss strange. I mean I am very horny I am into all sorts of porn, but I don;t know if I am gay/bi. Well I definantly know I fancy women, never had sex with one though, but when I am horny I also fantasise about men. But after I cum I loose that feeling.

 I would like to hear from other guys on their thoughts. 

SP Birmingham


'M' Full name withheld.
I am a 35 year old Pakistani guy and straight but I remember having sex with boys when I was only 10 in Pakistan. I also remember seeing boys as young as 8 being fucked by older boys.I am very horny as I have always been but have never yet fucked a bloke but I have thought about fucking a bloke to see what it feels like. I'm not sure however how to find what I want.

GAYSIA COMMENTS   An ad on Gaysia might help  but if you can pluck up courage, try a gay bar. If you don't want to go in one locally, take a day return to another town and see what you can find.


I'm Asian and  have very little experience of sex with other men although I am now 27. I really want to have such experiences and sometimes think of little else. I have contacted many people through adverts on Gaydar or other web sites and some of the guys seem really nice. I can exchange E:Mails with them and even photos (headless) but when the crunch comes and they ask to meet and even give me their phone number, I chicken out every time.
I don't know what holds me back but I want sex very very much. How did other Asian guys get over the barrier the first few times.


I have a friend from South India who has a white boyfriend. Sometimes his boyfriend is violent to him yet he still sees him. Why do guys do this ? Has anyone experience of similar partnerships where violence is accepted ?


Where can I cruise in India ?
I lived in Cairo, Egypt for a period of a couple of years (1994-1997) and wanted to relate some of the experiences I had there, and hopefully get some feedback from those of you in India, Bangladesh or Pakistan about similar experiences. 

You could pick up guys just about anywhere you went in Egypt, the problem was where to go after that. I found out after not too long around where I was living that alot of guys seemed to congregate around a busy railroad crossing that I passed daily on my way to 
classes. There was a flyaway overshadowing it from the highway, and after investigating further, I realized that the reason so many guys were walking off the railroad crossing, and down the train tracks to an area hidden a bit by the overpass and underbrush was that it was a place for defecating, & as I was to find out, a lot of sexual ctivity...homosexual activity! 

In all the years that I frequented this place, I never once saw a woman walking around there, even though they were crossing along with the men several hundred feet away at the crossing. Now that I look back in retrospect, it was INCREDIBLY dangerous area, but I do have to say, that I was very low key, and I only had one or two bad experiences there, and this was after hundreds of visits! 

Even the cops and the military police use to regularly go there in full uniform to take a pee, and would let any cocksucker there service them. The bad experience I had was one night I had gone there as usual, and there was this really mean and hardened looking guy squatted down, and as I walked past him, I noted how scary & mean looking he was, and kept on walking. As I got further down the tracks, I got a bit frightened knowing he was back of me, so I turned around, and started to walk back towards the crossing, and the people. 

As I passed him the second time, I noticed he was still squatting, but this time he had raised his galibaya a bit and was sporting this hugest hard on, and I admit,when I saw that I totally let my guard down, and was at his mercy. I of course proceeded to squat down but back in the brush a little more than him, and within seconds he was shaking that cock in front of my face. 

He let me suck him off to completion, and then demanded baksheesh. I told him that I didn't have money, and he then pulled out a knife longer than that cock, and I really freaked out, but I did'nt lose my cool, or my nerves, and called his bluff, and stood up, and started to make a scene. It was really a stupid thing to do, I should've just given him my watch or something (it was in my pocket) but the crowd of people crossing the tracks were near enough, that he ran.

I guess the purpose of writing this experience is to ask are train tracks a place where people go to pee in India as well, and does a lot of sex go on there? Do the police harass people there? I have heard that a lot of groping and occasionally sex goes on in the trains in India. Are these in the male only cars? How does one have sex in a crowded train like that? Is there an area that every knows about?

Another place where a lot of sex happened in Cairo was at bus stops (restrooms) and truck stops (hotels). Its truly amazing how many guy shave there dicks out when they see someone squatting over the toilet, and you have the door opened a crack. They seem to know immediately who is waiting for a cock! Is this the same in India? 

I almost never had a problem with the police, in fact the opposite, they would want me for themselves! If they had a barracks or even a traffic stall near, they would take me there and fuck the hell out of me! It seems from the post I've read that the police in India or more devious, and like to harass or blackmail gays, even though they know full well what is going on. I read somewhere that truck stops are veritable orgies in India! Is this the truth? Hope some of you visiting this site that have had some experience in these situations could enlighten me. I travel to India frequently and would like to know what to be watching for. 

I'm a white guy who always liked sex with Asian guys, mostly in their twenties or thirties. Recently I met up with an Asian guy here on business who was in his early fifties. The sex was fantastic and now I'm hooked, think about it all the time  and I want to meet more guys like this especially those who are active. How can I find them ?

It also showed me that we can all be too sure that we know what we like but trying something different can be very rewarding.



With intellectual doyens amongst us, I don't know whether I am repeating something that has been known 'ages ago' to many - but yet the thought should not put down my spirit of discovery. So at the risk of being repetitive, I submit to all this very interesting compilation of literary excerpts from the Indian cultural millieu, which I spotted on the shelf in the newly opened book shop in the Great Court of the British Museum. 

Title: Same Sex love in India: Readings from Literature and History
eds. Ruth Vanita and Saleem Kidwai
Publishers: Macmillan, year 2000
ISBN: 0-333-80033-8

The book is divided into three introductory parts which are very long and descriptive, ffering interesting insights with comments. I can not comment about the critical merits as I have not read the book through. Part 1 deals with Ancient Indian Materials (which includes Vedas and the Epics); part 2 with Medieval Materials in Sanskritic traditions; part 3 with Medieval materials in Perso-Urdu traditions (this includes translations from the Sufi poetic traditions and also the Rekhti of Awadh region, along with other instances compiled from contemporay sources) and part 4 translates many excerpts from contemporary Indian   literature. Please note that these are totally on gay and lesbian themes and not mere mentions of encounters of an  alternative sexual practice.On the whole it seems an intereting reading. 


I am Indian, I live in the US now, but was born and raised in England. I am twenty three, gay and not completely out. I have to say that I could not imagine
growing up in England being gay. I wouldn't even know what to do with my self, I think sometimes that god gave me an easy ticket out, but when I found this site it made me change my mind. I now wish I still lived in England and have been able to grow in to a man with other indian boys of which I do so want to be with. 

I have to say you're fabulous. I live in Hollwood California, it is easy to be out and gay here, there is a very open society of gays here. It actually became popular here to be gay or bi for a while, guys that were straight were opening up easliy. I am happy here in LA, but I want to experience real life in England as a happy individual. Things here in LA are very superficial, it is hard to meet guys that want more than your ass, or your nob, not to say that I've given either up, its just when you go out its like a meat market, guys are half dressed, in skimpy clothing, which is ok, but can we ever get away from the dripping wet six pack abs and move in to the bedroom with some romance??? I do like six pack abs but I prefer sweet lips. anyone wants to write to me feel free:
Hope to hear from some of you guys, and hear about your experiences,
take care, god bless and good luck!!!!!!!!!

Love Guru x 


Love is what you feel for someone or something close to you, whether  it is a relative, friend or even a pet. Either one is great just as  long as you love, because a life without love isn't really a life at  all, for there is no happiness in your life without it. Some say love is like a flower; it blooms and grows, but I don't think anyone could  explain love unless they have felt it. And, even then sometimes, you  still can't, for love goes deeper than explanation, to the very soul  of someone's body, and will always be there forever. So, if love  finds you, don't be afraid to follow it. For behind that love may be  the person that you are destined to love for all eternity.




Right Now -

-somebody is very proud of you.

-somebody is thinking of you.

-somebody is caring about you.

-somebody misses you

-somebody wants to talk to you.

-somebody wants to be with you.

-somebody hopes you aren't in trouble.

-somebody is thankful for the support you have provided.

-somebody wants to hold your hand.

-somebody hopes everything turns out all right.

-somebody wants you to be happy.

-somebody wants you to find him.

-somebody is celebrating your successes.

-somebody wants to give you a gift.

-somebody thinks that you ARE a gift.

-somebody hopes you're not too cold, or too hot

-somebody wants to hug you.

-somebody loves you.

-somebody admires your strength.

-somebody is thinking of you and smiling.

-somebody wants to be your shoulder to cry on.

-somebody wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun.

-somebody thinks the world of you.

-somebody wants to protect you.

-somebody would do anything for you.

-somebody wants to be forgiven.

-somebody is grateful for your forgiveness.

-somebody wants to laugh with you.

-somebody remembers you and wishes that you were there.

-somebody is praising God for you.

-somebody needs to know that your love is unconditional.

-somebody wants to tell you how much they care.

-somebody wants to share their dreams with you.

-somebody wants to hold you in their arms.

-somebody wants YOU to hold them in your arms.

-somebody treasures your spirit.

-somebody wishes they could STOP time because of you.

-somebody praises God for your friendship and love.

-somebody can't wait to see you.

-somebody loves you for who you are.

-somebody loves the way you make them feel.

-somebody wants to be with you.

-somebody wants you to know they are there for you.

-somebody's glad that you're his friend.

-somebody wants to be your friend.

-somebody stayed up all night thinking about you.

-somebody is wishing that you noticed him.

-somebody wants to get to know you better.

-somebody wants to be near you.

-somebody misses your advice/guidance.

-somebody has faith in you.

-somebody trusts you.

-somebody needs you to send them this letter

-somebody needs your support.

-somebody needs you to have faith in them.

-somebody will cry when they read this.

-somebody needs you to let them be your friend.

-somebody hears a song that reminds them of you.


From S, London



I have read the posting about which is best cut or covered. From my experience, it doesn't matter but cleanliness does and for obvious reasons covered guys are less likely to be clean than cut guys. Nothing is more off putting than pulling back the skin and finding 'you know what' lurking there.
I'm covered and I keep myself very clean and I mostly meet up with European guys, I find that if they are 100% gay they are more likely to be clean than those who claim to be straight. 
There seems no doubt that having a skin you can pull over the end when masturbating does give a better feeling without having to use oils or lotion. Same with a condom. Some guys I know who are cut complain they have no sensation when using a condom but with a foreskin pulled right over before putting on the condom, there is very little loss of feeling.
I only have one other observation, cut guys do seem to develope larger head to their equipment than us uncut guys. Is this a fact or just my imagination ?



You know all this talk about good looks makes me think of another conversation I had with a friend recently, about specifically Indian good looks. Was there any image of Indian male good looks that was posssibly being overshadowed by Western images.

The person I was talking to pointed out that this whole body focussed concept was not Indian - it was a Western one, picked up from their films and mags (and Salman Khan corresponds to this model - not for nothing was he the first Indian male to be picked out by Oprah as one of the best in the world). With Indian male good looks, he suggested, there was nothing wrong in a little belly. Other things counted - eyes,
softness of skin, and so on.

I am not saying I buy this argument entirely (though I'd love to, having more than a little belly myself!) but I think its worth debating. Is there an Indian model of good looks that we are forgetting as we are swamped by Western images? Guys please send in your opinions.




If all of us were only into the perfect male physical beauty then none of us would ever have sex but only fanaticise about Salman Khan, Ricky Martin or  who ever.   And I for one would be totally undesirable, sexually. If guys find me  attractive I think it it is because I have other attributes which  compensate.


Indian Beauty ? It has to be the eyes. As a white gay men, I find them fascinating, dark, suggestive,smouldering. They are a third way of communicating after voiceand  gestures and the Indian guys do know how to use them
K>H< London

GAYSIA COMMENT We've got a pretty good idea of the kind of attribute you refer to. In our experience Indian guys can be suprising well compensated in the area of attributes.



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