Pleasing your man
The pleasure zones

By Ken Mathews.

 Making love to another man is a subject not covered very much in the bookshops of the world. There are plenty of books on how to please a woman but when it comes to our own sex, we have to find out by practice and experience.

I have enjoyed sex with other men for more years than I like to think about. The starting point is always, what do I like another man doing to my body. There is one problem with this, we all like different things. So kiss my tits and I'll jump off the bed but do it to some guys and they will just wonder what you are doing.

However kiss the same guy on the neck or nibble his ear lobes and he'll grip you tight and beg for more. It is possible to identify the hot zones of the male body a fair number of which will excite the average guy.

One interesting fact based on my own experience is that even if a guy claims to be straight, if you can get to the point where you have access to a few of these zones, he will forget his claimed sexuality pretty quickly.

The photograph below shows at least twelve zones which will excite your man if you approach them properly. Study it for a few minutes and think which zones turn you on.

Zone one is the neck. Few men can resist the soft touch or light finger tips touching here. Perhaps this is one reason for the vampire legends. Exposing your neck as the model is doing, suggests a vulnerability. Use the tip of your tongue to begin with, searching for the areas which produce the greatest effect. The side is usually more sensitive than the front or back although the nape of the neck can be ultra sensitive in some men.

Zone two, the nipples, vary more than any other part of the body. Some guys don't seem to have any feeling there at all but others, including myself, have intense feelings. There are many techniques with nipples. Feather like touches with the tip of the tongue, running it round the outside before touching the centre will cause the nipple to harden. As it hardens the sensitivity increases. Some guys will, myself included,  jump if their nipples are touched lightly but react less to a firmer touch.

Moving on you should then try enclosing the whole nipple with your mouth and continue to use the tongue, moving it in a circular movement. This is very effective when combining using the hands to touch other zones such as the neck. Many guys can be made to come with just this technique and nothing else except using the hand on the penis. Use the hands on the nipples and chest area as well manipulation of the breasts is enjoyed by most guys.

This leads on the Zone three, the shoulder area. Suprisingly under the arms can be very sensitive and kissing here can produce immediate reactions. Hopefully your partner is well showered and fresh smelling, but fresh sweat with it's slightly musky odour can also be a turn on. Many guys now shave under their arms and the exposed skin can be very sensitive to touch by a wet tongue.

The front chest area and shoulders respond well to manipulation with the hands using a fairly firm pressure and circular movements. One partner of mine would enjoy this for ever if I didn't finally have to stop as my hands ached.

Zone four is the back. This is where virtually every man loves being touched. The top shoulders can be massaged using the hands and supplemented with oils but use the mouth as well. Explore the back with the tongue, there are lots of variation across this wonderful part of the male body with oasis's of feeling waiting to be found. Personally I love having a guy with stubble rubbing my back with his cheek. It gives me intense, hard erections instantly. I have had partners who also enjoy the feeling of a hair brush rubbed lightly over the back.

The lower part of the back is also very sensitive and the waist area where is curves round to the front is great to suck and kiss.

If you do use oil on the back, take care if you later use condoms. Oil can damage the rubber.

Zone five is the area of the waist on the left and right of the front of the body moving down to the top of the legs. One of the most sensitive spots on the body is often found here in the groin and some guys find it so stimulating they can hardly stand being touched there. use the mouth to explore, softly kissing and using the tongue, noticing how your partner is responding. 

Zone six brings us to the balls. Myself, I don't enjoy being touched too much here but many guys love it and you can pop them in your mouth, lick them, massage them quite roughly and they will love it. Don't neglect the area behind the balls where the shaft of the penis disappears into the body. On some guys it's almost an extension of the penis and rock hard and standing out from the body. On others it is less prominent but the area is still sensitive with the prostrate gland underneath the skin. 

The extreme top of the legs can also be very sensitive and many men love having their legs wide open and the whole area being virtually chewed by their partner's mouth. It is very popular in a 69 position with your partner doing the same to you.

Zone seven is the 'tummy button' Strange part of the body this, my own is totally dead with no feeling but I've met guys who go wild when a tongue explores the area. Don't neglect it, try it on your partner as see what happens.

Zone eight takes us back to the head and the area around the eyes. Although not very sensitive, It is suprising how many guys like closing their eyes and then having their partner gently kiss eye lids, perhaps running the tongue along the area under the eye brows. The forehead is also an area some guys like their partner touching, either by gentle stoking with the fingers or with the tip of the tongue.

Zone nine, is the mouth. Now we are into kissing and this is a great turn on for most guys. The idea of kissing another man seems to be a big hang-up for some straight men especially the homophobic, but come on, it's great. there are still so called gay men who specify 'no kissing' What they are afraid of is that kissing opens up all kinds of emotions in the body. It sets all kinds of hormones flowing in the body and if you want to stay totally in control of what you are doing sexually it is very dangerous.

Kissing shows a willingness to submit to another man sexually in a deeper way than a quick blow job or a hand job. It is symbolic that when two men kiss, they are moving into a different kind of man to man sex. However, you don't have to be deeply in love to kiss. Kissing passionately a total stranger on a one night stand can add excitement to a casual encounter but doesn't mean you are planning a lifetime together. Some guys don't understand this.

Moving on to zone ten we return to the legs. Most guys neglect them, concentrating too long on the top and middle. The inside thighs on many guys can send shivers through their bodies when touched. If they are muscular just touching is a turn on for the person touching as well. Rugby player legs are in great demand ! Go right down the legs to the feet. Foot massage is very soothing and even royalty enjoys a bit of toe nibbling. Don't neglect the back of the knees

Zone eleven or the anal area was described by Boy George as the gay spot . Not every gay man likes being penetrated although too often they haven't tried or have suffered from attempts by guys who don't know what they are doing. But every guy I have ever met likes to be touched in that area. being touched can range from just allowing a finger to gently touch the outside in a circular movement, perhaps using a little lubricant.

One long standing partner loves being touched here as he comes, claiming it intensifies the feeling many times over. Inserting the finger into the anus using KY or similar lubricant is also enjoyed by many gay men who don't want to go ' all the way' From my experience, bi guys and straight guys also love it once they overcome their heterosexual indoctrination. Inside, the finger can explore for sensitive spots including the prostrate gland.

Some guys go further and can get a whole fist up inside. Personally that isn't on for me and I would consider it possibly dangerous but I mention it as some guys do get turned on that way. 

Fucking of course comes under  the stimulation of zone eleven and the technique of fucking could fill a book. The penis has to get past a ring of muscle which can be painful but only for a second or two and once entry is achieved, the person being fucked can enjoy the ultimate sexual stimulation. 

Part of the feeling is without doubt mental, giving your body up to another man, being submissive to another man. But it isn't just that. It is total relaxation ( one of the reasons one's own penis looses it's erection much of the time, and watching the expression on the partners face as he uses your body for his enjoyment building up to the moment when he comes, is a real turn on. 

Which is jumping the gun a little, as we haven't talked about zone twelve, the dick, cock, penis, willy, whatever you want to call it. A miracle of sensitivity. It comes in two flavours, cut and uncut and a variety of shapes and sizes. Controversy will always rage about cut or uncut and which is best. I'll declare an interest. I am cut. Why I don't know, I'm British, not a Jew or  Muslim. It has never stopped me enjoying sex and the end is much larger in proportion to the shaft than in most uncut guys I've come across. maybe removing the skin allow it to grow larger. I've noticed this with many guys cut as babies.

Uncut is fine as long as the guy washes himself properly, if he doesn't, he's probably not gay. He does have an advantage in masturbation, using the covering with it's inbuilt lubrication to stimulate himself. We cut guys need baby oil or whatever come to hand, as it were. Some guys claim uncut guys come too quickly as the head of the penis is more sensitive. I cannot say I have experienced that but I do find the shape of an cut penis more exciting unless the uncut guy has a foreskin which pulls right back when he is hard.

Stimulating the penis during sex can be oral using the tongue or the the whole mouth. With the tongue, start at the tip and then run it round the head paying attention to the 'join along the back. Using the hand at the same time on the shaft increases the pleasure. Taking the head of the penis in the mouth and continuing to use the tongue and hand should get your partner rock hard and then taking in as much as the shaft as you can swallow without gagging should increase the excitement to fever pitch.

The male body is like a musical instrument but like a musical instrument we have to learn to play it. The bad thing about sex is that so few men learn. For too many guys straight and gay, getting and erection as quickly as possible and coming is what sex is all about. Skilled partners can make sex wonderful. So start practising now and see how your sex life improves.

Maybe one day in an elightened world sex lessons in schools will concentrate on pleasing a partner rather than going on about contraception,disease, rabbits, birds and bees and we will stop seeing sex as dirty and something to get over as quicky as possible.

Copyright 2004 Gaysia


Making love to another human being is one of the most intimate acts any of us indulge in, one of the most natural and probably the most pleasurable.

But most of us are turned off when our partner suffers from stale body odour, bad breath or a neglect of simple hygene.

We don't have to douse ourselves in the latest Calvin Klein aftershave to smell good, natural body odour can be a turn on when it is fresh but a shower before sex (and after) does give the skin a fresh smell and feel. Bad breath can be due to lots of causes but if you suffer, there are sprays or tablets you can use shortly before a session. Long term a visit to a dentist, change in diet or cutting out smoking might help.

Washing your dick before sex is a must especially if you are not circumcised. Nothing is worse than pulling back the foreskin and finding something nasty lurking. It may be natural but it sure turns most guys off.

Some guys like to remove some or all of the hair around their dick and balls. If the rest of your body is hairy it can look silly but on an otherwise smooth guy it can make the dick look larger. Cutting the pubic hair back a bit is OK and perhaps removing the hair of the balls using Immac or similar products can give them a nice silky feel.

Watch out if you use baby oil. If it gets onto condoms it can cause them to tear. If you are going to use condoms, stay clear of the oil. Use KY or similar water based products. Afterwards if you fancy a massage, then use the oil by all means.

Oh yes, one last thing, even if your feet feel cold, removing your socks before sex is advised. 

Jan Peters