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I was wrong, I admit it. I mean, Lionel is getting more than I am. I came back early
from the Ranch and I was wacked. Well sometimes if they pay enough, I let them do
that. Doesnít happen a lot as we donít get a lot of the public school trade except when
the County Court is in session. Then we get a few, Judges, QCís that kind, you know,
all plumy voices and a matron fixation.

Anyway, I opened my bedroom door and there was Earl, stark naked in my Bed I
though, thatís funny, itís not Traceís day at the Wimpy and then I remembered that
she had gone to visit her granny in Holloway. Canít stop, you know, even at 75. It was
dog food last time. Fifty cans. Poor sod could hardly walk through the door of the
supermarket. Got caught of course and given ten days hard labour or something.
Trace visits her out of the goodness of her heart and her Gran does pass on a few
useful hints. Not only that sheís got loads of money stashed away in the Halifax and
Trace has her eye on it being one of Granís only living relatives so to speak.

Trace calls her visits an investment. I call it stupid. Gran only gets caught, Lionel
says, because sheís got a thing going with one of the warders, Mad Marge. Itís all
very Cell Block H, if you know what I mean. Gran will probably leave everything to
Mad Marge. Poor Trace, sheís so innocent.

So hereís Earl, thatís Traceís hubby, remember ?,in my bed stark naked. Well, I
though Iíd be OK for a quickie, so I stripped of and climbed in alongside him. Then I
realised that someone else was lying the other side of Earl. Well I didnít see them at
first, Earl is a big man thanks to all the left over Wimpys Trace brings home and the
fact that she still fries in lard. Says it makes better chips. When I look properly, I see
that itís Lionel. Heís fast asleep and Earl has his arm round him. I was a bit surprised
at first, but I am a free thinker and quiet modern in that area.

As I got into bed, I disturbed Earl and he turned towards me and I could see from
what he was wearing that him and Lionel had been having more than just a cuddle,
and they had got to know each other pretty intimitabtly. Anyway, he just smiled and
said, Ďhi, dollí. I quite like it when he talks clean. Mostly heís a foul mouthed git and I
donít really know what Trace sees in him except the obvious. 

So there was a bit of a dilemma. Hereís a man in my bed, hereís me now quite turned
on and hereís my half Jewish, half brother in the same bed.. So I though, Ďwhat the
hell, we shared the same wombí. Not at the same time of course, but we were there in
the same place experiencing the same cosy feeling and anyway, Lionel is asleep. So I
looked at Earl invitingly, he looked at me and smiled and after a quick fag and a
change of contraventive he was on top of me like a second duvet. Lionel of course
woke up but just watched without much feeling like heíd already seen too many

Mind you, guys in Videos arenít usually as hefty as Earl, they are usually all
Californian pretty boys, slim hairless and smooth. I do like a bit of weight on top of
me and a bit of fur. ĎBearsí is what Lionel calls them. He says he likes playing the
ĎCubí. Most of the guys in straight videos look gay to me. Lionel reckons they are. Itís
all very confusing. Still at least Lionel and me share the same taste in something.

Trace phoned when we were half way through. Well I didnít know it was halfway but
thatís roughly how it turned out. She said if I saw Earl would I tell him there were
burgers in the fridge and she would be back about nine. Trace cares about Earl a lot
but itís funny she rang me. I told earl and he said Ďballs, sheís with that pre-op
transsexual againí and got back to what he was doing. Lionel got out of bed and asked
if he should make a cup of tea. I told him not to bother as Earl and I had longer
together than we thought and I didnít want to waste it.

Lionel looked a bit angry but I guess he was just a bit jealous. Still he shares Shane
with me and now with mum so I donít see how he can complain. Have you noticed
though how greedy men of his kind can be. Never satisfied, always wanting more.

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